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'I walk around the school hallways and look at the people. I look at the teachers and wonder why they’re here. If they like their jobs. Or us. And I wonder how smart they were when they were fifteen. Not in a mean way. In a curious way. It’s like looking at all the students and wondering who’s had their heart broken that day, and how they are able to cope with having three quizzes and a book report due on top of that. Or wondering who did the heart breaking. And wondering why.'
// Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (via quotes-shape-us)

please help me i dont know how to talk to cute boys!!!!!!! im actually the worst sos

'I hadn’t known that a light could be a feeling and a sound could be a color and a kiss could be both a question and an answer. And that heaven could be the ocean or a person or this moment or something else entirely.'
// Megan Miranda, Fracture (via perfect)



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